Epic Hack: Split Screen Shortcut

This split screen shortcut is a game changer for students and teachers. If you are using a Chromebook or Windows computer, check out out this epic tip below!
split screen shortcut for windows and chromebooks

Do you ever wish that you could view two windows at once when you are working on the computer? Wish you had that second monitor? Are you looking for an easy way to teach students to split their screen on a Chromebook? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

The Split Screen Shortcut You (and your students) Need

You’ve probably split your screen by dragging and dropping the windows before. You might even use an extension to split the screen. This split screen shortcut is super fast and can be done with the touch of a button!

This is one of my favorite shortcuts to teach my students! Kids can focus more easily when they don’t have to keep switching tabs.

Here are just a few ways your students can use this trick:

  • Note taking
  • Students can be on a Google Meet and see their work at the same time
  • Citing evidence from text when writing

Split screens are great for teachers too! It gives you the feel of a dual monitor set up without the hefty price tag!

I love to use it for Google Meets and it’s a huge time saver for grading with rubrics!

The ideas are endless.

the split screen shortcut is a great way to help students stay focused
This quick trick helps students to stay focused and avoid switching in and out of tabs.

The Chromebook Short Cut

I teach in a 1:1 Chromebook district and my students love this trick.

Simply press the “alt” key and the forward and backward brackets at the same time! Bang! That’s it!

To add the second screen to the other side, just hold your mouse over the chrome icon at the bottom and right click. The second window immediately fills the other half of the screen!

split screen shortcut for chromebooks

Split Screen Shortcut for Windows Computers

If you are running Windows 7 or higher, splitting the screen is just as easy!

Simply press the Windows key and choose the right or left arrow to select the side you want the window to open.

This tip was such a game changer for me!

how to do a split screen shortcut for windows computers

If you are looking for more tech tips to make your life a little easier, take a look at this post that shows you how to split a PDF to share with students!

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