8 End of the Year Science Activities for Middle School You Don’t Want to Miss

Your students are going to love these end of the year science activities!

The end of the school year is the perfect time to engage students in hands-on activities that not only reinforce what they learned this year, but leave them with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

I love all of the opportunities to think beyond the state curriculum and jump into end of the year science activities that leave students with a love of science!

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite end of the year science activities for middle school students.

engaging end of the year science activities


UV beads are an inexpensive and FUN way to for students to explore solar radiation!!

I love this lab activity because it’s a great way to reinforce the importance of protecting your skin from the sun before students head out the door this summer!

Students will investigate the answers to these questions and more in this lab.

  • Does swimming underwater provide protection from the sun?
  • Are you 100% protected from UV radiation if you are sitting in the shade?
UV radiation lab activity is a great end of the school year science lab

I purchased my beads on Amazon several years ago and they are a huge hit each year!

One tip that I’ve learned over the years is to thread several beads on a plastic zip tie. Not only does it make it easy for students to handle the beads, but it also gives them a chance to observe color change on several beads at once.


Every year students LOVE this easy prep STEM race car activity!

You can tie this end of the year science activity in with forces or wind power. It’s also great as a stand-alone stem challenge!


  • box fan
  • meter sticks
  • tape
  • Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars

Set up:

  1. Create a track with meter sticks taped to the floor. I try to make the track about half a car wider than the width of the cars.
  2. I offer minimal supplies to the students to design their car – construction paper, tape, straws, and toothpicks. I let them use anything they might have in their backpack to encourage creativity.
  3. Set the fan at the end of the track and allow students to test their cars and revise.
  4. After about 30 minutes of testing and building, students race the cars to see which design goes the farthest.


Are you looking for an end-of-the-year project that doubles as a keepsake for your students?

This fun project is always a hit with my students because it’s a chance to reflect on all of the fun they’ve had throughout the school year.

Bonus: their answers give me a lot of insight about what made their year special. 🙂

This no-prep end-of-the-school-year project includes both a digital version and easy-to-fold print version.

👉Take a peek at these videos to see what you’ll find in the print and digital versions!

Here’s what teachers like you said:

I purchased 4 different online Memory Books, but I found this one to be most helpful in allowing the students an opportunity to really reflect on their year. Here are some other PROS: 1. Easy to use with Google Classroom. 2. Easy to edit slides. 3. Simple design that was easy to navigate (this is VERY important and another big reason why I chose this memory book over others). 4. Low cost. – Halima ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was a great activity for the last days of school. Students were excited to create it, and it was easy to implement.– Crista⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


the bubble gum lab is a great end of school year science activity

I’m not a fan of bubble gum in the classroom, so this lab is always a treat!

In this scientific method gum lab, students test different types of gum to see if chewing gum affects the mass of the gum.

This is a great way to review the scientific method, graphing skills and CER at the end of the year!

Want to keep the activity low cost? My students were more than happy to bring in gum from home!


My students rate this paper helicopter lab as one of the best labs of the year!

I love it because the only supply needed is a piece of paper and a great place to drop the helicopter from.

In the past we’ve dropped from chairs, tables, the school stage, bleachers (on a calm day) and the “catwalk” in our new school.

Here’s the complete lab with instructions, template, data tables, graphs, and CER!


this free scientist quote challenge is a great end of the school year science activity.

I love this scientist quote puzzle for those smaller blocks of time I need to fill.

Has your school already collected your technology?

No problem!

This meaningful time filler is perfect to use after state testing, or those “uneven” days when you don’t see every class for the same amount of time.

Grab this FREE puzzle challenge here!


I love getting students outside and moving, and this end of the year science activity is the perfect opportunity!

One of my favorite things about the heart rate lab is that the only materials needed is a stopwatch.

In this differentiated lab, students investigate the effect of exercise on their heart rate.

This activity can be completed as a whole class, or students can complete it as a small group.

Want more details?

Check out the heart rate lab here!


Take your science labs to the next level with dry ice investigations!

I have created a set of six inquiry based dry ice stations for students to explore. 

Each station uses commonly found household objects (such as a popsicle stick, balloon, and penny) for students to investigate dry ice.

Teachers like you said:

“Best science activity we’ve done all year!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Inside this resource you’ll find everything you need to have a successful lab (even if it’s your first time!)

  • Dry Ice Background Information
  • Materials list
  • Dry Ice Demo
  • Explanation of phenomena for teachers
  • 6 directed stations
  • 1 design your own experiment station
  • Student handout
  • Editable presentation with safety tips, dry ice facts, and activities to project!
  • Video and Google Activity for virtual learning!
use this dry ice station lab for end of the school year fun

If this is your first time using dry ice, check out this post to learn where to purchase dry ice, how to store, and basic safety procedures!

Need more end of the year science activities?

Check out this post – No-Prep, End of the Year Activities Students Love

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