5 Earth Day Activities To Make an Impact in Middle School

Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. Today I’m sharing some quick and easy Earth Day activities that will make an impact on your students!

I hope these Earth Day activities inspire your students to appreciate and protect our planet.

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1. Earth Day Collaborative Poster Activity

One of my favorite Earth Day activities is watching students work together to create a collaborative poster!

How does a collaborative poster work? Each student receives a “puzzle piece” to decorate. Once colored, the pieces fit together to create a large Earth Day poster.

Want to give students a challenge? Let them work together to place the puzzle pieces without the key!

When the Earth Day puzzle is complete, you have a fantastic classroom or hallway display!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I loved this and so did my students. We used this as a fun way to celebrate Earth Day. I gave each student a puzzle piece and told them to color it how they would like. They were very creative. I enjoyed watching them work together to figure out how the pieces fit to make the final picture. It turned out very colorful! – Kristina

Earth day collaborative poster activity

2. Earth Day Themed Daily Agenda Slides

Educate and inspire your students throughout the year with these Earth Day-themed agenda slides.

This set of environmentally friendly daily agenda slides is easy to edit!

Each slide includes a meaningful quote about the environment to teach and inspire students to recycle, save energy, and preserve our natural resources.

In my opinion, daily agenda slides are hands-down one of the best-kept secrets to classroom management!

earth day agenda slides

Why use daily agenda slides in your classroom?

Students thrive on routine, and this visual, easy-to-understand layout provides students with the information they need to be successful each day.

Daily agenda slides are great for:

  • posting objectives
  • bell ringers
  • exit tickets
  • materials needed for class
  • announcements
  • homework
  • so much more!

3. Earth’s Unique Properties Scavenger Hunt – Earth Day Activity

Get students up and moving as they learn about Earth’s unique properties in this interactive scavenger hunt.

In this cross-curricular activity, students will read 10 non-fiction paragraphs about Earth’s unique properties. As they read, they will search for the answers and cite evidence from the text to solve a puzzle.

earth day scavenger hunt activity for middle school

This interactive scavenger hunt activity includes a storyline to get students hyped up, 2 codes to solve, and differentiated versions to meet the needs of your students!

4. Acid Rain and Human Impact Research Project

acid rain earth day activity

What is acid rain? How do humans contribute to this worldwide problem?

Hook your students with an engaging and relevant student-centered project. 

This acid rain project is designed to give students the flexibility to dig into this complex problem.

This differentiated acid rain research activity includes three project options and an editable format to meet the needs of a variety of learners!

5. Water Pollution and Human Impact Activity for Earth Day

Are you looking for a water pollution research project that will make a lasting impact on your students?

Earth Day is a great opportunity to help middle school students understand that water pollution affects everyone on our planet!

Your students will be shocked to learn about human impact on the health of water supplies around the world.

In this water pollution research project, students will choose a water pollution incident to investigate. They will determine the type and source of the contamination as well as the effect on humans, plants, and animals.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Students enjoyed it, and a few were very passionate about their water issue. Well set up and easy to use!

I hope these Earth Day activities inspire your students to appreciate and protect our planet!

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