4 Phases of the Moon Worksheets and Activities Students Love

Are you looking for a phases of the moon worksheet that’s will help your upper elementary and middle school students better understand lunar phases?

I’ve been using these phases of the moon worksheets and activities with my sixth grade students for years to help them understand the relationship between the Earth, sun and moon.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite phases of the moon worksheets and activities that your students will love!

Students will love these interactive moon phase worksheets and activities.

1. Phases of the Moon Complete Lesson

Are you wondering how to get started teaching the phases of the moon?

This complete phases of the moon lesson includes everything you need to help your students understand the eight phases of the moon and how the moon phases occur.

This north-polar moon phase worksheet is key to understanding why we have phases of the moon.

Inside this complete, no-prep resource, you’ll find:

  • moon phase pdf worksheets
  • presentation
  • differentiated notes
  • foldable
  • north-polar moon phase worksheet
  • answer key.

Also, you’ll learn easy tips to teach moon vocabulary!

2. Engaging Phases of the Moon Worksheets

Students love these moon phase maze worksheets!

These pdf moon phase worksheets are a great interactive activity for students to practice their knowledge of moon phases and stay engaged!

Phases of the moon worksheets don't have to be boring - learn how you can use mazes to help your students to learn moon phases.

This resource includes two levels of difficulty!

Worksheet one includes basic moon phase information including shapes, waxing, and waning, gibbous and crescent, and quarter moons.

The second moon phase maze includes sequential moon phase questions which focus on higher-level thinking skills.

Ideas for classroom use:

  • extra practice
  • bell ringers
  • review
  • stations
  • quick assessments
  • exit tickets
  • homework

3. Moon Phase, Eclipses, and Tides Storyboard Activity

More than a worksheet, this creative moon phase activity is perfect for visual learners in your classroom!

This no-prep, differentiated activity is designed to reinforce the Earth, moon, and sun relationship.

My students love reading these short descriptions and then creating scientific diagrams to summarize what they read.

Read this post to learn how moon phase worksheets can be more interactive in your classroom.

4. Phases of the Moon Scavenger Hunt Activity

Get students up and moving around the room with this interactive scavenger hunt activity designed to review moon phases, eclipses and tides.

Get students up and moving with this phases of the moon worksheet scavenger hunt activity!

Just print the phases of the moon worksheets, hang them around the classroom or hallway, and let students loose to find the answers to each moon phase question and record them on their worksheet.

Assessing this activity is a breeze because all you have to do is check the order of the letters students have recorded.

Free Moon Phase Color By Number WOrksheet

Just print and go! It’s perfect for stations, quick assessments, homework, and review!


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