Your Guide to Digital Task Cards in the Classroom

Digital task cards are an effective tool for distance learning. They can also be used in the 1:1 classroom or group setting. Learn how!

Have you considered using digital task cards but not sure where to start?

Digital task cards give students the same experience as regular task cards without the hassle of cutting, laminating, and printing! This makes them a huge time-saver!

Digital task cards can be a fun way to change up the routine in the traditional classroom, and can really be a lifesaver if you are distance learning this year!


I like to create digital task cards on Google Slides.

Since the text and images are in the background of the document, students are not able to delete the questions or images! This is a huge advantage over sharing traditional documents!!!!


Since these task cards are a Google Slides product, you will need to look through the slides to assess student progress.

However there are two shortcuts that can make grading easier!

  • Looking at multiple student files, use the eye-shaped preview button in Google Drive to quickly scan through the documents.
  • Have students open a new window in Google and create a Google Doc to record their responses. Here’s a great shortcut for using a split screen!
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If you have use Google Classroom, these task cards can be shared in a snap!

Set your options so that each student gets their own copy of the task card set. Then they can fill in their own answers right in the document and submit when finished.

When questions are finished, they can receive the answer key from the teacher to check their work.


If you are using Zoom or Google Meet this year, digital task cards can be used to facilitate discussions in break out rooms.

Assign students in the group jobs to keep organized. Depending on the number of students you may want to have a card reader, timer, and recorder.


If your school is 1:1, digital task cards can be an easy way to check for understanding in a homework assignment or to review for a quiz or test.

Since it is assigned electronically, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of who turned in their assignment! Plus, kids will never lose their homework!

Since the text and images are embedded in the page, students are able to type their answers directly into a premade text box.

It’s that simple!

Take a look at these best sellers – they are Google based and NO PREP!!!!

Want more ways to spice up your task cards?

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