The Easy Way to Password Protect Your Google Forms

Using a Google Form password on a test is an easy way to add security. Students must enter the password correctly to continue.

I love Google Forms!

In fact, I think it is one of the easiest ways to gather data from students if your school uses Google.

But……. sometimes tech can be SUPER FRUSTURATING!

Have any of these happened to you? Or do you worry about….

  • Students try to log in and “preview” the test or quiz before it is given in class.
  • Absent students access the test from home when you don’t want them to…….
  • A student shares the link with a student from another class period!

Imagine a world where you can post your assignment at any time and students can’t access it unless they have a “secret code”.

Imagine setting a password on your test. Students can log in, you can give directions, and THEN when everyone is ready, you can give them the password and they can begin.

Password protecting your Google Form is a quick and easy!

How does a Google Form password work?

Students log into the form as usual. After answering a few identifying questions that you set up (name, period, etc), they come to a question that asks for the password. Before they can continue to the next section, they need to enter the password correctly.

It’s like magic! Plus, it can be easily added to an existing Google Form!

Step 1

Set up your Google Form as you normally would with your first and last name, period and any other information you collect.

setting a password on your google form is an easy way to prevent students from getting into the form before you are ready.

Step 2

Before you begin to add content questions, set up a short answer question. This will be your password. You could get really creative here and call it the super secret science code or something equally fabulous, but I’ll just call it password.

Step 3

Click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right hand corner of your question and select response validation.

click on response validation to set the password for your google form

Step 4

In the first drop down box, select the type of response you would like. I usually choose regular expression, but you may want a number or text.

Google form passwords are an easy way to secure your form before students take the test or quiz.

Step 5

On the second drop down box, you need to select your criteria. I always select matches. This way, the student password will have to be an exact match to what I choose.

Step 6

Almost done! Here’s the fun part!

Set your password. Remember, if you select matches, it must match exactly. In the example above, I set the password to “Pattern”. In this case, the student would need to type in the exact phrase matching both the capital and lowercase letters.

Custom error. This is what will show if the student inputs the wrong answer.

I usually like to type something like “Please see the teacher for help” or “try the password again more carefully.”

Step 7

This question needs to be marked required for it to work!

Step 8

Add a new section immediately after your password question. Select continue to next section. You can add your questions in section two as you usually would.

password protect your google form for tests and quizzes
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Bonus Password Tip!

Once you have this set up, it is quick and easy to change your password!

You can even change it between class periods to prevent students from sharing the super secret code.

Maybe you have a student that was absent and still needs to take the test – just change the code so it can not be accessed until you give it out!

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