9 Epic Science Gifts for Kids

Holiday shopping can be fun and educational with these top-rated science gifts for kids!

This gift guide was so much fun to put together, plus my shopping is complete!

I hope these science-inspired gifts for kids will result in hours of iwonder for the kids in your life!

1. ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge STEM Game

This skill-building roller coaster game is sure to be a huge hit with the kids in your life! Because the cards range in difficulty from easy to more challenging, it’s great for a variety of ages. If your kids love building with Legos, they’ll love this game that builds critical thinking and engineering skills!

2. LEGO International Space Station

With 864 pieces, this LEGO set is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the NASA/Lego enthusiast!

Bonus – when you’re finished building the space station, you’ll have a fantastic display piece for the home or office!

3. Einstein Box Science Kit

This Einstein Box science kit is a great gift for young kids who want to DO science! This kit comes with all of the test tubes, chemicals, and colors to perform the experiments. 40 experiments are included, plus there is an additional book of 60 experiments that can be done with household materials.

4. Lottie the Fossil Hunter Doll

Your little archeologist is going to love Lottie! Tons of fun science accessories are included (fossil hunting tools, magnifying glass, trowel, fossils, and more) which make her perfect for hours of imaginary play!

5. Dr. Eureka Logic Game

This award winning game is fun for the individual or the whole family! Plus, it’s perfect for kids who are just getting into STEM!

Just pick a challenge card and use the test tubes and colored balls to solve the puzzle. The best thing is that everyone plays at once, so there’s no downtime! This science gift for kids is sure to be a hit!

6. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Game

Part marble run, part logic puzzle – what’s not to love?!!

This STEM game is so much fun that kids won’t even realize they’re learning!

60 challenges (in a variety of levels) are included so it can be enjoyed by the whole family!

7. Entomology Barbie and Playset

I was an enormous Barbie fan as a child, and I couldn’t love this more!

This National Geographic-inspired playset includes tons of accessories like bugs, magnifying glass, and a net to keep your little scientist engaged for hours!

8. Olivia’s Space Academy LEGO Friends

This is one of my favorite holiday science gifts for kids! This LEGO set is such a fun way to introduce kids to the space program!

This set includes TONS of detail embedded in the model to make playing fun and educational!

9. Snap Circuits Arcade Kit

Snap Circuits are ALWAYS a hit! This arcade set has everything you need to build and play 20 arcade games with sound and lights! The instructions are full color and easy to follow which is a must for young scientists!

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