5 Engaging Formation of the Solar System Activities

Five engaging activities for teaching formation of the solar system to middle school students.

If you teach about the formation of the solar system, you probably know that finding age-appropriate activities can be a huge challenge! Teaching the solar system’s formation (or nebular theory) can seem really intimidating to sixth-grade teachers! That’s why I’ve put together these five activities for teaching about solar system formation.

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Activities that Teach Solar System Formation

Over the years, I’ve found some fun and engaging activities to help students learn about (and understand) the steps in the formation of the solar system.

1. Card Sorting Games

A card sort is a great activity to hook and engage students in the formation of the solar system and assess prior knowledge. I like to use simple pictures for my students to observe and sort before they learn anything about the solar system’s formation.

After they have placed their cards in order, I have students write down their predicted order of the solar system’s formation so they can refer to it and make changes as the lesson continues. You can find an easy to use card sort included in the formation of the solar system lesson.

Five engaging activities for middle schoolers on the formation of the solar system.
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2. Formation of of the Solar System Presentation and Notes

I love to use visuals as I teach, so I like to use a quick presentation to talk about the important steps and big ideas in the formation of the solar system. This is a good opportunity to discuss what actually happens as students record the information with notes. You can find my presentation in my Formation of the Solar System Complete Lesson & Activity (shown below).

These notes are a helpful tool that your students can refer to with the following activities.

Downloadable middle school lesson and activity on the formation of the solar system.

3. Solar System Videos

Here is an easy to understand formation of the solar system video that I use with my sixth graders. It’s from NASA Space Place and their website includes a free downloadable poster of the animation.

Students also often have a hard time grasping the concept that the shape of an object spinning really fast can flatten. Spinning a water balloon on an electric drill really captures their attention and helps kids to understand this difficult concept!

Wondering how to make this demo? I created a detailed tutorial explaining the setup in my Instagram story highlights under “Lab Fun.”

4. Solar System Formation Activity (Cut and Paste)

Card sorts can be fun and engaging activities to identify and explain the steps of solar system formation. This can be easily differentiated for different abilities by having students only sort the pictures, or limit the choices to pictures and titles.

Sorts can take many forms, including paper and digital.

Solar system formation cut & paste card sort activity

Sorts can take many forms including paper and digital.

After students complete their solar system sort, they write a paragraph to explain how the solar system formed in their own words.

Solar system formation cut & paste card sort activity

5. Formation of the Solar System Mazes

My students are hooked on these interactive mazes! I love them for extra practice because they are NO prep and quick to assess (just follow the pattern to check the maze!).

Printable mazes for middle school on solar system formation
Color along the maze’s path to get to the finish line!

Two formation of the solar system mazes are included in this activity (print and digital).

Great for:

  • extra practice
  • exit tickets
  • quick assessments
  • stations
  • review and remediation

Learn more about the maze activity here!

Printable Lesson & Activities on Solar System Formation

Save hours of planning time with these no-prep formation of the solar system activities!

Downloadable lesson and activity for teaching solar system formation

Print and go with this complete Formation of the Solar System Resource! It includes:

  • Card sort engagement / Pre-assessment activity
  • PowerPoint describing the 10 stages of solar system formation
  • Formation of the solar system activity (can be used as worksheets, comic strip, booklet foldable, etc.) and answer key
  • Interactive Google Slide activity that is differentiated and perfect for distance learning

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This was a great resource to teach a difficult topic. The materials were easy to use and the directions were clear and concise. I was very happy with this product! -David

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My students enjoyed it. Great idea for visual learners. Students  used the pictures and the captions to write their paragraph about the formation of the solar system. Thank you! -Florina

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I used this with my 8th grade class. It was helpful that there was a digital version for students who were placed in quarantine. I loved the simplicity of the formation of the solar system, and it has options on how to make a graphic organizer out of it! -Erica

solar system formation mazes for middle school

Students won’t even realize they are learning with these ready to use solar system formation maze activities.

This activity includes print & digital options, as well as two formats for differentiated instruction.

What Buyers are Saying!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Students love to see if they can complete the maze, all the while not realizing that they are reviewing as they go along. Great option as opposed to the traditional worksheet. Love that there is both print and digital options. -Talissa

Solar system formation lesson and mazes for middle school


Props and Classroom Decor

If you are looking to add themed items to your classroom while teaching this topic, consider some of these to help engage students and stimulate discussion!

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