How to Use Digital Exit Tickets in Your Classroom

How to use digital exit tickets in the classroom.

Digital exit tickets are a great tool for formative assessment. Learn why they are a game changer in my classroom and how they can work for yours!

As teachers, we are always coming up with new and improved ways to continue making a difference with our students! 

I love using exit tickets in the classroom. But during the pandemic, I discovered that they are equally beneficial when you have distance learners.

What are digital exit tickets?

Digital exit tickets are one strategy that I have found to be a huge game changer in my classroom.

A digital exit ticket is a form of assessment used in middle school classrooms that allows teachers to gather feedback from students at the end of a lesson or class period. It is a brief questionnaire or survey that students complete online or on a device and can take a variety of formats, such as multiple choice, short answer, or open-ended questions.

The purpose of a digital exit ticket is to help teachers gauge students’ understanding of the material covered in class, identify any misconceptions or areas where students need additional support, and make informed decisions about future instruction. It also provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their learning and share their thoughts and feedback with their teacher.

Some common questions that might be included in a digital exit ticket for middle school students could be:

  • What was the most important thing you learned today?
  • What was the most challenging part of today’s lesson?
  • What questions do you still have about the topic we covered today?
  • On a scale of 1-5, how confident do you feel about your understanding of the material we covered today?
  • What could the teacher do to help you better understand the material?

In the past, we have run a hybrid model and I am happy to tell you that both my distance learning kids and in-person students rocked the exit tickets.

Digital exit tickets are a time saver in the classroom.

Use Exit Slips for Formative Assessment

I love to use exit tickets for formative assessment. They help me gauge where students are in their learning and what they still need to be successful.

They also give students the opportunity to ask questions without fear of embarrassment.

Digital exit tickets for formative assessments in the middle school classroom.

Go Paperless!!

I love that I can have a record of student responses in my drive. No more stacks of papers piling up and collecting dust on my desk. You don’t have to sort through papers and then figure out what to do with them when you’re done.

As a science teacher, I am all about being eco-friendly!

Download this free digital exit ticket for use in your classroom!

Free Digital Exit Ticket

If you’ve never used a digital exit ticket before and are curious to try one out, I have you covered! See how these can work in your classroom with this free digital exit ticket that you can download directly from my shop!

Immediate Feedback

My absolute favorite part of using the digital exit ticket is that I get immediate feedback from the students. I can glance at the spreadsheet and know in a minute where my students are and what they need.

Checking for understanding is a breeze! It allows you to quickly adjust your plans if needed, and place students in small groups according to their needs!

How using conditional formatting in your sheet, it makes it ridiculously easy to analyze the data from your classroom digital exit tickets.
Learn how to use conditional formatting to analyze your exit tickets in this video!

Easy to Analyze Data

Digital exit tickets make it easy to look at your class and determine who “gets it” or needs more help.

You don’t have to be a spreadsheet guru to understand a few sorting tricks! 😉

If you use conditional formatting in your sheet, it makes it ridiculously easy to take a temperature reading of your classroom.

Easy to Share

If you use Google Classroom, digital exit tickets are super easy to share! Simply go to your classwork tab, create an assignment and upload it from Google Drive. Google does the rest!

I have a tutorial to help you in my Free Resource Library.

You even have the option to schedule your digital exit tickets so that students only receive them on specific days.

Digital exit tickets are great for formative assessment and save you time!


Our lives are busy and digital exit tickets are just the thing to save you valuable time!

The hardest part is deciding which exit slip to use!

Overall, digital exit tickets provide a quick and efficient way for teachers to assess student learning, adjust their instruction, and provide individualized support to students as needed.

Download these 12 ready-to-use digital exit tickets for your classroom!

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Inside you’ll find 12 ready to use digital exit tickets that are perfect for upper elementary and middle school classrooms.

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